We’re going BATTY over here!

New Safe Haven Technician, Jesse, arrived at a location reporting an issue with bats. Upon arrival Jesse was able to locate and safely remove the bat placing it on a tree so that it may return back to the wild. Did you know that bats can’t take off in flight from the ground, they need… Read more »

What’s all the BUZZ about?

Safe Haven Technician, Corrine was called out to a business to remove and relocate a beehive. Bee removals are a critical service not only for our customers, but also for the bees! During our removals, we ensure the safety of the colony with our live removal tactics. Using a specialized vacuum, we can remove individuals… Read more »

Whoo’s Out There?

Our amazing Safe Haven technician was called out to a store in California where an owl had been perched on a high rafter. Our technician, Alexis, was able to capture the owl and safely release it into the wild. “It is something extremely exciting.  To have something so big and so beautiful in your hands.”… Read more »

1 Duck, 2 Ducks, 3 Ducks, MORE!

Our Safe Haven tech was called out to a location in Florida for a duck reduction job. Muscovy ducks are classified as an invasive species in Florida and can have detrimental effects on native waterfowl populations. Keeping their numbers at a manageable level helps not only business¬†owners, but local wildlife¬†too! There were around 20 ducks… Read more »

A Wildlife Guardian

Justin is a true nature lover and wildlife guardian! This juvenile Paragon Falcon was trapped in a big box store for several days without food or water. It took Justin about an hour and half to locate this majestic beauty. He then set up his nets and went to work. The bird eventually flew to… Read more »

Drinkin’ from a Fire Hose and Flyin’ Solo

Denver said he chose to work at Safe Haven because he heard so many good things about the company and its employees. His one day of on-the-job training as a new bird technician was like drinking from a fire hose. He watched, practiced, and learned with the hope that his skills would quickly and easily… Read more »

Avian Trifecta

James, a Safe Haven bird technician, arrived at the big box store in the evening and expected to pull an all-nighter to capture three different bird species – which is no easy task. Birds exhibit different flight patterns, nesting habits, and other behaviors that influence effective live-capture strategies. James patiently observed the birds and then… Read more »

Raccoon Pyramid

It impresses all people when I rescue the animals but the reality is that it gives me more satisfaction when I release them. It is an incredible moment to return them to their natural habitat! Vorys is Safe Haven’s master bird and wildlife removal specialist. He has been with Safe Have almost from the beginning… Read more »

Lovin’ His New Job as a Bird Removal Specialist!

The night before his arrival, store employees told Johrdon that they had not seen nor heard the Cooper’s Hawk that day. However, he spotted the majestic bird immediately upon arriving onsite the following morning. He closely watched the hawk’s flight patterns for about 30 minutes before employing Safe Haven’s patented mist net bird removal methodology.… Read more »

Garden of Eden?

No, not the Garden of Eden but a Garden Center in Texas! This snake was rescued and safely released into the wild. Safe Haven rescues all kinds of God’s creatures including garden variety birds, protected birds of prey such as hawks and owls, squirrels, raccoons, possums, armadillos, bobcats, ground hogs, rabbits, bats, wasps, bees, and… Read more »