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    No Shoot, No Harm, No FowlTM

Safe Haven is the national leader in interior bird removal as evidenced by our patented mist netting process. We guarantee removal of all interior birds or there is no charge!

Our comprehensive bird services also include exterior population reduction, nest removal, vulture control, and bird of prey removal.

Our wildlife experts comply with local, state, or federal laws that dictate the handling of captured wild animals.

Our exclusion services keep uninvited critters from making your facility their new home and prevents problematic infestations.

We conduct audits and inspections to mitigate problems that compromise compliance with OSHA, CDC, and FDA.

We also offer cleaning and sanitation services to ensure your facility complies with safety and health regulations and to maintain the positive reputation of your company.

Safe Haven has a proven track record of success, problem-solving, and innovation. Contact us to learn how we can help you. Call us at 1-888-791-1110 or email us today!

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