• Bird and Wildlife Rescue and Removal Solutions

    Safe Haven Avian Group specializes in safe, effective, and humane bird and wildlife removal solutions for facilities up to 2,000,000 ft2. We also conduct inspections and audits for compliance with OSHA, CDC, and FDA.

    Our Process
  • Bird Removal

    While your facility remains fully operational Safe Haven effectively implements our patented bird rescue and removal services. Our interior bird removal process is 100% guaranteed. REMOVE THE BIRDS, REMOVE THE PROBLEM™

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  • Wildlife Removal

    Safe Haven removes even the most aggressive animal wildlife while you remain fully operational. Our wildlife control experts are licensed and bonded. NO SHOOT, NO HARM, NO FOWL™

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  • Nest Removal

    Stop overpopulation before it starts! Our specialists identify appropriate nest removal strategies to comply with laws that protect some bird species. REMOVE THE BIRDS, REMOVE THE PROBLEM™

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  • Vulture and Bird of Prey Control

    Safe Haven provides a program to repel unwanted vultures on your property. Hawks, falcons, and other birds of prey are also safely rescued and removed. NO SHOOT, NO HARM, NO FOWL™

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  • Audits and Inspections

    Our inspections and audits identify strategies to mitigate bird and wildlife problems and help you comply with OSHA, CDC, and FDA.

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  • Exclusion

    We create customized plans to exclude nuisance avian and other wildlife from entering your business. Solutions consider your facility design and operations.

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  • Cleaning and Sanitation

    Nuisance wildlife and rodents carry pathogens in their feces which increase the risk of disease. Cleaning and sanitation helps ensure the safety of your staff and customers.

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100% Guarantee

Our specialists will remove and relocate all of your interior birds or you do not pay.

Patented Process

Our mist netting process successfully captures birds in facilities up to 2,000,000 ft2.

map of USA

We Service the Entire USA!

Safe Haven’s national presence allows us to offer flat rate pricing whether you have 1 or 100 birds in your facility. All services include a free inspection and property report with recommendations.

  • Job was expertly performed! Everyone in the store was so impressed.

    – Lorraine

  • We have never had to deal with a buzzard infestation before and frankly we really did not know where to turn for help. We were very fortunate to find your company.

    – Gary

  • Safe and effective way of getting our little flying friends back in the sky. Thank you!

    – Laura

  • You set up so perfectly last night and never got in the way of the customer. I was so impressed with your way of business and you were an absolute joy to work with. Again, I really appreciate you!

    – Ashley

  • I am thankful for you and the Safe Haven team! You make it easy doing business.

    – John

  • Thank you so much. The store highly praised your team.

    – Judy

  • Thank you so much! Not sure what I would do without you guys!!

    – Brenda

  • My favorite trapper! 🙂 Always does a perfect job! 🙂 Great personality and friendly. Super job!

    – Jaloia

  • …wonderful job relocating birds to a safer place here in Southern California.

    – Lori

  • Safe Haven came in yesterday and by this morning had captured 6 birds. The young man had not only completed his task, he did it without disrupting our operation. Thank you for the rapid response and directing us to the company that could get the job done as advertised!

    – Tim

  • Wow! I am embarrassed at how long that bird has been in this store – it has been MONTHS. And the staff have witnessed many failed attempts to capture it. GREAT JOB to your team! And thank you! We will certainly be contacting you again if we have another issue!

    – Stephanie