Nuisance wildlife and rodents in your facility are a safety concern for staff, customers, and clients. Their feces carry dangerous pathogens that can quickly spread air-borne diseases. Effective cleaning and sanitation of affected areas is not only essential for complying with safety and health regulations but also for maintaining the reputation of your company. An appropriate trapping program combined with thorough cleaning and sanitation services reduces the risk of disease and offers a more effective, long-term solution.

Importance of Sanitation Pre- and Post-Trapping

No matter the species of nuisance animal, care needs to be taken to clean and sanitize your facility of all remnants. The animals, the feces/urine left behind, and the damaged parts of your facility that they have interacted with can lead to health problems and ongoing issues at your store or facility. They need to be addressed.

Ensuring that proper sanitation of the space has been completed prior to trapping allows for a more successful trapping process. It will not only decrease the likelihood of animals returning but will also ensure that the well-being of your staff is not affected long-term by your short-term wildlife visitors.  

When you have wildlife in your facility, we have a sanitation solution tailored to your needs.

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