Raccoon Pyramid

It impresses all people when I rescue the animals but the reality is that it gives me more satisfaction when I release them. It is an incredible moment to return them to their natural habitat!

Vorys is Safe Haven’s master bird and wildlife removal specialist. He has been with Safe Have almost from the beginning of the company. He has rescued and released just about any kind of “critter” including but not limited to birds, bats, snakes, iguanas, possum, bees, lizards, cats, squirrels, and, yes, even raccoons!

According to Vorys, raccoons use the facility as a shelter and go in and out all the time to fetch food and water. When he arrives onsite, the first thing he does is study the habits of the animals to see how they move and at what time they move. He then safely and humanely redirects their patterns of behavior. Upon capture, he releases them into naturally wooded areas on the outskirts of the cities.