Cooper’s Hawk Released to the Wild

What a beauty! Yes, both the Cooper’s Hawk and our Safe Haven Tech, Carrie! This magnificent creature was rescued at a store near Dallas, Texas. The picture was taken in the Garden Center but the hawk was actually caught inside the store using Safe Haven’s patented method of bird removal. It was then safely released… Read more »

Baby Raccoons Rescued!

According to Linda, “It was just another day on the job!” For most of us her experience would be a once-in-a-lifetime event that we would never forget! Linda was the Safe Haven expert called to rescue a mother raccoon and her four babies in Florida. The mother made a nest, also referred to as a… Read more »

Baby Birds Found Outside of the Nest

So, you look down and there it is, a baby bird is out of her nest. What do you do? A common belief is that the touch of a human to a baby bird is harmful and that the parents won’t recognize their young after human contact. This is, in fact, a myth. Birds don’t use… Read more »