Baby Raccoons Rescued!

According to Linda, “It was just another day on the job!” For most of us her experience would be a once-in-a-lifetime event that we would never forget!

Linda was the Safe Haven expert called to rescue a mother raccoon and her four babies in Florida. The mother made a nest, also referred to as a den or nursery, inside the store. She was growling at associates who ventured too close to her cubs. Momma raccoon refused to go into a regular trap so Linda set a larger one and used the babies to lure her safely inside. Mother and all four babies were reunited, rescued, and safely relocated as a family in the wild. Linda said momma raccoon was very dedicated to her cubs.

“It was a fun experience for sure!” ~ Linda

For the first two months of their lives, the cubs live in their den. At about three months of age they start to roam away from their mother and are completely independent by 12 months of age. Raccoons live two to three years in the wild.