What’s all the BUZZ about?

Safe Haven Technician, Corrine was called out to a business to remove and relocate a beehive. Bee removals are a critical service not only for our customers, but also for the bees! During our removals, we ensure the safety of the colony with our live removal tactics. Using a specialized vacuum, we can remove individuals and single out the queen. The bees are sucked into a holding reservoir, while the queen is placed safely outside until the majority of the bees are removed. She is then reunited with her colony, and any straggler bees will join her as she emits a hormone to attract them. 

The hive material, comb, and brood are then carefully cut out. Much of the honey is saved to be re-fed to the bees as they are relocated. All our rescue bees are relocated to apiaries or other hive managers.

Corrine, Safe Haven Technician