Lovin’ His New Job as a Bird Removal Specialist!

The night before his arrival, store employees told Johrdon that they had not seen nor heard the Cooper’s Hawk that day. However, he spotted the majestic bird immediately upon arriving onsite the following morning. He closely watched the hawk’s flight patterns for about 30 minutes before employing Safe Haven’s patented mist net bird removal methodology. Within a short time, Johrdon safely rescued the hawk and released it safe and sound into the wild.

It was an amazing experience! I was filled with adrenaline, happiness, and love for the work I’m doing with Safe Haven!

Johrdon had an audience as he worked. A gentleman volunteered to help him keep sight of and follow the hawk. He also took pictures and videos. After the hawk was rescued the gentleman indicated he “loved seeing what [we] did.” He also mentioned in his video that “the bird is safe and in good hands!”